The ideal program for addiction treatment centers

Action Based Recovery program for addiction treatment centers by Alan Simberg

The Action Based Recovery Program created by Alan Simberg Ph.D. is a complementary addition to therapy and after-care provided by treatment centers. In the Action Based Recovery program, Dr. Simberg works with Treatment Centers to provide guidance and online tools that supports clients in recovery to build their life back, design a plan for moving forward, and teaches strategies to live a rewarding and fulfilling life…with purpose.

Dr. Simberg’s Action Based Recovery program offers a practical and comprehensive approach to help individuals in recovery, overcome their shame and guilt.  But more than that, the program creates a plan for moving forward by providing actionable steps to achieve ongoing recovery from addiction.

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  • Action Based Recovery

    Actionable & Realistic Strategy

    Having worked with people recovering from addiction Alan understands what is actually possible and consequently creates a realistic plan that will not overwhelm and is achievable.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Consistent Results

    With over 50 plus years of clinical experience in the mental health field, Dr. Alan Simberg knows what works. The principles in the program have been proven time and again to create consistent results.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Overcome Shame & Guilt

    Individuals who have been struggling with addiction issues tend to feel shame and guilt about what they have done which can hold them back from living a fulfilled life. Overcoming these feelings create a life of freedom.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Clarity & Purpose

    Alan's program has the ability to take a client from stuck, frustrated, scared or unhappy, to confident, fulfilled and living with joy on a daily basis by providing support to gain clarity and define and maintain their recovery plan.

Topics the program covers

The Action Based Recovery Program

During the Action Based Recovery program, clients will be learning how to define, design, and maintain their recovery plan.
Clarifying and identifying what it is that they want to be different about their life and learning principles and strategies to support them to achieve a life they will love living.

Action Based Recovery
Module 1

Self Discipline

Practicing self-discipline opens you up to the greatest freedom of all. We explore how to effectively manage your life's circumstances.

Action Based Recovery
Module 2

Attitude Adjustment

  • The Counterproductive Attitude
  • The Affirmative Attitude
  • The 7 Point Attitude Adjustment
Action Based Recovery
Module 3


Making small changes is the key to recovery. We explore why small changes are so effective in your daily life.

Action Based Recovery


  • 101 Powerful Affirmations
  • Building Self Belief eBook

About the Action Based Program creator

Alan Simberg 08 15 Revised

Alan Simberg Ph.D.

Dr. Alan Simberg has 50 plus years clinical experience and specializes in supporting individuals recovering from addiction to bridge the gap between traditional treatment programs and having the quality of life they deserve.

  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Ed.S. Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner
  • Certified Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Consultant
  • Certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition

With sensitivity and compassion, Alan guides people to build on their strengths, gain clarity for their future, and create a plan that feels natural and achievable.

With a private practice in Houston, Texas, Alan Simberg Ph.D. is also available to travel for speaking engagements. Alan is a Best Selling Author and incorporates spiritual principles in all that he does.

Available now for a special introductory price

Limited space available