Action Based Recovery program for addiction treatment centers by Alan Simberg

The ideal program for addiction treatment centers

The Action Based Recovery Program created by Alan Simberg Ph.D. is a complementary addition to therapy and after-care provided by treatment centers. In the Action Based Recovery program, Dr. Simberg works with Treatment Centers to provide coaching and online tools that supports clients in recovery to build their life back, design a plan for moving forward, and teaches strategies to live a rewarding and fulfilling life…with purpose.

Dr. Simberg’s Action Based Recovery program offers a practical and comprehensive approach to help individuals in recovery, overcome their shame and guilt.  But more than that, the program creates a plan for moving forward by providing actionable steps to achieve the life clients will love living.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Actionable & Realistic Strategy

    Having worked with people recovering from addiction Alan understands what is actually possible and consequently creates a realistic plan that will not overwhelm and is achievable.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Consistent Results

    With over 46 plus years of clinical experience in the mental health field, Dr. Alan Simberg knows what works. The principles in the program have been proven time and again to create consistent results.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Overcome Shame & Guilt

    Individuals who have been struggling with addiction issues tend to feel shame and guilt about what they have done which can hold them back from living a fulfilled life. Overcoming these feelings create a life of freedom.

  • Action Based Recovery

    Clarity & Purpose

    Alan's program has the ability to take a client from stuck, frustrated, scared or unhappy, to confident, fulfilled and living with joy on a daily basis by providing support to gain clarity and define their dreams and develope a concrete plan to achieve them.

Topics the program covers

The Action Based Recovery Program

During the Action Based Recovery 12 week program, clients will be learning how to define, design, test and live their dream life. Clarifying and identifying what it is that they want to be different about their life and learning principles and strategies to support them to achieve a life they will love living. 

Taking the time to define your dream and clarify the details can not only align your heart and soul purpose but also give you direction of what you are here to be and do. Bringing awareness to what it is you truly want to create or give and the freedom to imagine it without any limitations is liberating in itself.

Often when we have a dream we never question whether that dream is right for us. There is a natural assumption that if you can dream it then it must be. But what if it isn't? What if the dream is limiting rather than liberating? What if there are possibilities that are beyond what you can currently imagine? By testing your dream your heart, mind and imagination can be expanded to their full potential.

You may have had past experiences that have left you doubting whether or not you deserve to have good in your life. Your ability to have the life you dream can be limited by your own judgments. By truly understanding the difference between being human, having a spiritual experience and a spiritual being, having a human experience, you can open your life up to the unlimited capacity of all that you are capable of creating. 

Once your dream has been created to its true potential, has passed the test of being worthy of you, and you have accepted you deserve it in its full capacity, you then need to ensure it has the right environment to enable it to grow. The only thing that can hinder this possibility of it coming into existence is fear. 

Rather than attempting to eliminate fear, which is impossible, a better strategy is to befriend your fear. Acknowledge its presence and take action to manage the impact it can have on your dreams. 

This lesson is all about providing the strategies you need to reduce the gap between the life you are currently living and the life you are creating. This gap is the sense of scarcity you may be having. By transforming this limiting sense of lack with tried and proven strategies of giving and abundance you can activate the law of circulation into being, allowing you to fully realize your dream. 

There is one more phase that could affect the gap between your current reality and your dream life not coming to fruition and that is the way you manage your perceptions. By gaining a full understanding of how you perceive certain situations and grasping the effect of how perception can limit your reality you can then become more open to the possibilities of your dream life.

In order to receive your dream life you need to set yourself free of any resentments. You may currently have an idea of what forgiveness is or a sense of how to forgive but that doesn't mean you know how to or how to make that process an easy one. Just making the decision to forgive isn't enough as there are usually resentments that surface. The information provided in this lesson will give you real-life action steps to support you to be able to forgive despite any challenges that may surface and consequently set yourself free to receive all the good that you deserve. 

You are now in week 8 and have worked through the discovery phase of creating your dream life as well as the empowerment phase. You are now ready to begin the acceleration phase of your journey which is all about learning to listen to your inner voice and trusting your intuition.

That voice that has the wisdom beyond your consciousness but can only be heard if you are open to hearing it and still enough to listen to it. Having faith that small voice can guide your dream into reality, being able to distinguish the true voice from the one driven by ego or circumstances, and having the courage to trust your higher guidance, will accelerate the realization of your dream.

Your dream life is your own and only yours but that doesn't mean you have to create it on your own. In this lesson, you will learn the importance of having a support system and how to go about creating one. We cover three benefits of being in a mastermind group and how having a buddy or accountability partner who also believes in your dream can accelerate it coming into fruition. You will also learn about what Thomas Edison calls "The Land of Solution".

In week 10 we cover how to train your mind just like building a muscle, to be open and receptive to the abundance of opportunities the universe has to offer. You will learn how to tap into the infinite possibilities of your mind through the avenue of positive questions and how to access your powerful decision making. You'll discover through the connection of alignment you can access the limitless number of ideas and solutions you are capable of creating. With this ability to access the inner corners of your creativity at any time during your journey you can prevent anything from sabotaging your dream.

As you may already know, life doesn't always go according to plan. There are challenges that arise that could be perceived as failures but that doesn't necessarily have to be true. During this lesson, you are going to learn how to turn what you might currently see as a failure, into a stepping stone towards an even better outcome. By changing how you experience failure you can overcome any obstacle life throws you on your journey to achieve your dream life. 

During the past twelve weeks of this program, you have defined your dream life, tested its worthiness and expanded it, learned how to manage any obstacles you might encounter, and discovered how to accelerate the process of achieving it. Your mind has expanded to create a new reality and you have the tools to create a life you love living.

Although this is the last week of the program it isn't the end of your dream life program. The skills, strategies, and understanding you have gained through these lessons will be with you forever more. Who you have become through this program will stay with you and you will continue to evolve and expand with the new knowledge and insights you now have. This last week of the program covers the harvesting of your dream and how you now have the ability to expand your dream as well as identify more dreams and apply the principles you have learned to achieve them. 

About the Action Based Program creator

Alan Simberg 08 15 Revised

Alan Simberg Ph.D.

Dr. Alan Simberg has 46 plus years clinical experience and specializes in supporting individuals recovering from addiction to bridge the gap between traditional treatment programs and having the quality of life they deserve.

  • Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Ed.S. Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner
  • Certified Mary Morrissey Dream Builder & Life Mastery Coach
  • Certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition

With sensitivity and compassion, Alan coaches people to build on their strengths, gain clarity for their future, and create a plan that feels natural and achievable.

With a private practice in Houston, Texas, Alan Simberg Ph.D. is also available to travel for speaking engagements. Alan is a Best Selling Author and incorporates spiritual principles in all that he does.

What's included in the Action Based Recovery Program

Online Program

  • 12 Modules provided in easy to follow E-Lessons with Alan guiding the student through video and audio
  • Weekly workbook complete with assignments to integrate and apply the lesson principles into the students life
  • Private Facebook support group to provide a safe space for those going through the program to ask questions


With the purchase of the Action Based Recovery Program you will also receive Alan Simberg's "MINDPOWER TECHNOLOGY SESSION" free of charge. This session will enhance the application of the Action Based Recovery Program principles and solidify your results.  

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