About Dr. Alan Simberg Ph.D.

Alan Simberg, Ph.D. has been trained and certified as a Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant through Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute. He is certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition and is also a certified NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) practitioner. This background in combination with his being trained and licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor and his 47 plus years of clinical experience have provided him with a wealth of knowledge and understanding.
Alan incorporates all that he has learned when providing his coaching services to clients, groups and organizations. He coaches people from within the perspective of their uniques challenges. With sensitivity and compassion, he helps people to build on their strengths and to develop a laser focus that will allow them to identify and to achieve their life goals. In addition, Alan is a sought-after speaker who has presented at national conferences and to general audiences, on topics related to the fundamental principles he teaches as well as other topics including Stress Management, Family Counseling, Addiction Recovery Solutions and Spirituality.
Alan’s coaching system is proven, predictable and reliable. He guides people to identify the areas of their life where they experience discontent. Alan then teaches a step by step method that offers a different perspective for viewing circumstances which helps to build a foundation for identifying solutions to life’s challenges.

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A personal note from Alan Simberg

What’s most important to me with the people that come to see me is that they don’t feel that there is something wrong with them, or that they’re bad or that they are broken. I really believe that we are all just variations of one another and if we can learn to respect ourselves and respect each other and realize that we all have very similar struggles and that the important thing is to identify those struggles without judgment. Just see them for what they are and learn how to manage them so that we can develop peace of mind in our lives. I think that’s an essential component of what I bring in the work that I do with the clients that come to see me.

I find that with the economic pressure in today's society and certainly all the work pressures that people worry a lot and of course, worry and anxiety are very closely related and unfortunately many people don’t know how to manage their stress and they will resort to either drugs or alcohol.

If a person comes to see me that’s drinking alcohol I don’t see it as my job to make them stop. I see it as my job to help them to decide if they want to stop and I also help them to understand how their drinking could be affecting their lives.

One of the strategies I use is known as cognitive behavioral therapy which very simply put is a way of working with people to help them understand how their thoughts can influence their mood. I also talk with them about nutrition from the point of view of how blood sugar can affect mood and how eating three meals a day and keeping their blood sugar within a particular range helps to stabilize their mood.

I think if I had to identify one main purpose or one main intention I have when clients come to see me it would be to help that person, or that couple or that family to accomplish the goals that they came in to see me about and for me not to set the agenda for them but for me to meet their needs as best as I can.


Alan Simberg - Published Author

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It is true that every day our direction may change but the one really important thing is that you stay focused on where you are going, conquering the struggles and recognizing the lessons learned from it.

I believe that everyone needs to hear someone else's story to be able to continue through their daily struggles.

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