Life Mastery with Alan

Action Based Recovery Program for Rehabiliation Centers

There are some distinct differences between therapy and coaching.  Dr. Simberg is a Chemical Dependency Counselor with over 43 years of clinical experience, but  he is also a Life Transformation Coach who focuses on present day circumstances and identifying relevant solutions.  In the Action Based Recovery program Dr Simberg works with the Rehabilitation Center to provide coaching and online tools to help the person in recovery build their life back, design a plan for moving forward, and teach strategies to live a rewarding and fulfilling life…with purpose.

The Difference Between Therapy and Action Based Recovery Coaching

Therapy focuses on how the past affects the present.  It looks at what is wrong with someone from within the perspective of mental illness.  It focuses on problematic thoughts and behaviors as well as solutions to resolve them.  Some counseling approaches (e.g., psychoanalytic, humanistic) focus more on talking than doing.  There is directive and non-directive counseling.  A counselor who assumes the initiative and carries a major part of the responsibility for problem identification and resolution is using the direct approach.  A counselor whose participation is minimal and uses the techniques of reflection and acceptance is using the non-directive method.

Coaching focuses on present day circumstances and identifying relevant solutions.  It helps a client to identify what he or she wants to change without judgement and finds strategies to overcome present circumstances.  In a general sense there are two coaching styles, direct and indirect, which can also be called evocative.  A coach takes the lead, does a lot of the talking and, in a sense tells the client what to do, is practicing the direct approach.  A coach who helps and guides the client to identify their goal and their best solution is practicing the evocative approach.

Who Can Dr. Simberg Help?

In general, individuals who have been struggling with addiction issues have been shamed and tend to have a lot of guilt about what they have done and the stress experienced by loved ones and friends.  Traditional addiction treatment initially focuses on helping the client (referred to as an addict, alcoholic or drug addict) to attain and to maintain abstinence.  As treatment progresses more and more attention is given to the individual developing a sober life style.  The main approach used by treatment programs is based on attending 12-Step self-help meetings and following their guidelines.

Dr. Simberg has created a program that offers a practical and complementary addition to therapy and after-care to help individuals in recovery overcome their shame and guilt.  The recovering client not only uses these practical steps to put their life together, but they also create a plan to move forward and enjoy a life they would love to live.  Being certified by Mary Morrissey as a Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant, Dr. Simberg helps people to Discover Their Dreams and Transform Their Lives.

During the foundation 3 month Dream Builder Program, each client receives a physical kit that contains 16 CDs, a workbook that contains weekly exercises, 2 meditations and weekly coaching sessions with Dr. Simberg.

How to Work with Dr. Simberg

Dr. Alan Simberg is available for workshops, speaking, and staff or client group coaching.  Please click on the tabs above to learn more.

We have created an online program that your organization can white label.  It’s your website, your branding, but we maintain the website and content.  This program is an excellent edition to any therapy program and it’s online!  Contact us to learn more by clicking the button below.



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